How to Enjoy a Fab, Safe Summer - Mercado Global Insurance

Sun’s out, summer’s here! With tons of activities lined up, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement and carefree vibe that we often forget (or ignore!) the risks and dangers involved.  Don’t let injuries and accidents spoil your summer fun. Check out some safety reminders below for a season that’s truly relaxing and stress free.

Beat the sun

Looking forward to posting sun-kissed selfies? Make sure you’re protected from skin cancer and sunburn by applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen not only on your face, arms, and legs but also your neck, tip of your ears and the tops of your feet. Wear a hat and UV sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Always rehydrate – whether outdoors or indoors. Hot, humid weather makes us sweat more and lose more of our body fluids. Experts say that when you’re thirsty you’re already mildly dehydrated. And this could lead to headaches, fatigue, dizziness. So, the best way to beat dehydration is to reach for a glass of water even when you’re not yet thirsty.

Bye-bye bugs!

Humans are not the only ones having fun in the sun. Bugs are out there too! When outdoors, wear protective clothing to shield yourself from insect bites. Trade your sandals for shoes and wear a long-sleeved shirt. You could also apply insect repellant on your clothes and exposed skin.

Ready to roll

There’s nothing like enjoying the outdoors on wheels – from skateboarding to biking to riding a motorbiks or an ATV. But no matter what you’re on, make sure you’re geared up for safety. Studies show that wearing a helmet can reduce head injuries by up to 80%. Make sure your helmet and your kid’s properly fit. Never leave minors unsupervised when they’re riding. Always follow seating guidelines on ATVs and use seatbelts. Avoid drinking alcohol before and during your rides.

Swim to safety

Take the plunge but do it safely. Whether you’re splashing around the pool or swimming in the sea, it’s good to be aware of the water depth, possible underwater obstacles, and undercurrent. If you’re with your kids, never leave them unsupervised in or near the water. Stay close to your kids so you can reach out to them anytime. If you’re swimming in a pool, remove all toys from the water when everyone’s done to prevent kids from bring tempted to get into water when the adults are not around.

Clean as you cook

Fresh air and the beauty of nature are the secret ingredients to a delicious summer meal. But if you’re not careful, your al fresco experience can go from yum to yuck. Avoiding food borne illness starts with staying clean. Wash hands and keep surfaces and utensils clean when preparing food. Cook food thoroughly. Raw food can harbor bacteria. Avoid using the same platters or utensils for cooked and uncooked meats. Keep food and utensils covered until serving time to protect these from flies, bugs and pets that may carry germs and salmonella.

Get covered

Understanding the potential risks of your summer activities shouldn’t leave you bereft of joy and spontaneity. Rest easy and enjoy summertime by having a life insurance policy. Check out Mercado Global to find the right policy that fits your needs. With financial protection in place, you can sit back, relax and savor the carefree days of summer.